Ayurvedic Services

With my Ayurvedic training I can consult on any number of issues. My specialties include caring for the postpartum mother, digestive disorder and dysfunction, alignment of menstrual cycles, hormonal balance and fertility support, and prenatal care.

Ayurveda looks at the systems in the body to establish where there is an imbalance and what kind of imbalance is present. As such, it is compatible with any disorder. I offer support for existing medical diagnoses, weight management, and general disease prevention with right diet and activity. Consultations will take place on a video chat.

Introductory Ayurvedic Consultation– This first session is a one-hour conversation that will address imbalance mainly through the mind/ body approach. Clients receive diet and lifestyle recommendations as well as a basic understanding of dosha (body constitution) and how to address your current dis-ease by seeing the cause to immediately improve your quality of life. Clients receive notes in a shared Google doc to review anytime. Discounted introductory price: $50

Continuity Consultation– This is a one-hour conversation for clients who have already had their Introductory Session. We will use this time to assess past recommendations, go deeper into your systemic imbalances by connecting symptoms and signs, and create a step-by-step plan to increase your wellbeing with daily practices and movement recommendations. Any client may purchase a personalized herb formula recommendation on the third continuity consultation. Notes from all sessions in a shared Google doc to review anytime. Price: $80

Breakthrough to Balance Consultations Package– This is a group of five one-hour consultations, most effective when spread out over the course of approximately three months.

The best course to resolve one issue with focused and strategic recommendations to really turn around a specific imbalance. Making those changes often greatly improves other seemingly unrelated symptoms for improved mental and emotional states.

Diet and lifestyle recommendations build the foundation for your personalized herb formula to create visible change in your daily life and experience of wellbeing. Continued conversation keeps you on track to make concrete changes to your health in a short and concentrated time. Watch as your body awareness increases with daily practices and yoga/ exercise/ movement recommendations, and see your systems realign with natural rhythms as your mind reclaims the balance you deserve.

Notes from all sessions in a shared Google doc to review anytime. Price: $300 (discounted 25% per session)


Special circumstances

Most people on this earth have ancient ancestral wounds, and this work can help you to heal that pain that you were born with, inherited through your DNA. Through the process of living in this world, we are additionally exposed to all varieties of traumas and toxicity, especially people with brown skin, womxn, and people who embody the liminal all over the globe.

My own experience as a person of mixed race and multicultural ethnicity has shown me that these structural wounds and epigenetic traces of violence, pain, and the broken path of tradition all live within the body and can be healed. For that reason, I offer this work in particular to people of color and to those dwelling within the feminine or breaking down the binary.

I accept offers of barter and trade, and I offer a sliding scale to anyone with financial need. Please mention it when you contact me to schedule your appointment.



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