Coaching Services

My specialties include manifesting alternative life plans by taking a step back from the structures of dominant culture; balancing dual energies within the body and in relationship; connection to spirit and natural cycles; prenatal coaching for ecstatic birth; and techniques of self-care and shadow integration to heal old and ancestral trauma.

This work gets deep into the shadow and can touch old traumas. In many cases, trauma work should be accompanied by the care of a mental help professional, I may be able to help clients find counselors. I reserve the right to discontinue conversation if clients do not seek appropriate counsel. Conversations will take place on Zoom video meetings or by voice.

Initial Clarity Session– This is an hour-long conversation to address imbalance through the spiritual and interpersonal approach. Clients receive actionable recommended practices and contemplation points to understand their blocks to manifesting the life they desire, as well as a more clear understanding of why they want it; for only by clearly seeing the path can we step foot upon it. Clients learn how to conceive the goal and be intentional with each step. Price: $80

**Clients can also request a complimentary twenty-minute Introductory session to see if we will be a good fit for the coaching experience, contact me to start now!**

Follow-Up Clarity Session– This is a one-hour conversation to continue to move along the path towards the goal as defined in the Clarity session. Notes from all sessions in a shared Google doc to review anytime. Price: $100

Manifestation Sessions Package– This is a group of five one-hour sessions best spread out over the course of three to six months.

Clients create a clear plan for achieving the changes they are looking for, with small actionable steps and practices to integrate the changes being made. Clients learn how to add ritual and meaning to daily life, and begin to balance their masculine and feminine energies with embodied Ayurvedic technology.

This is the program for clients who are starting to see their true Nature, but desire guidance in manifesting the path to fully inhabiting that Self. Notes from all sessions in a shared Google doc to review anytime. Price: $375 (discounted 25% per session)

Prenatal Package– This is the best option for pregnant womxn looking to expand their consciousness in anticipation of their birth. This work uses the practices to increase body awareness in anticipation to move from pain to pleasure in birth, and to create positive birth outcomes for womxn. We work through fears and examine the birth plan to create more space for enjoyment and connection in the birthing process. The earlier you start in your nine-month preparatory journey, the more we can achieve! Package price will vary depending on frequency of sessions per month and amount of months before baby arrives. Any single session will be charged at the standard coaching rate of $100/ hour.