“Mind, Body, Spirit. Raqael’s consultations help me balance all three. She asks questions in a caring, non-judgmental way that allow me to be honest. She listens closely to offer recommendations that can occur in forms both small and large. She is great at making connections between the physical and psychic blocks that can inhibit growth and health.”

-Amelie Baker, writer at collectivefailure.com


“When I first reached out to Raqael for guidance, I must admit I did not entirely know what to expect. For most of my life I have been conditioned by Western notions of health and wellness, which is to say I was unwell. I had begun to realize the harm that was causing, and was beginning to focus particularly on the ways in which my personal relationships were informed by, and affected by, patriarchal power structures. I wanted to find ways to take better care of myself, and disrupt the influence that patriarchal society was having on my life.
I was reluctant at first, because I wasn’t sure I could actually articulate my needs. However, I could not be happier that I got the courage to ask. From the first words I spoke to her, she understood what I was asking for better than I did myself. She spent many hours with me, first helping me identify what the causes of my unwellness were, and then designing specific tasks and assignments to help me work through them. I was incredibly impressed that in the same moment she could be fluid and ethereal, while also being concrete and goal focused. I was particularly grateful for the wisdom she shared with me about her ideas of matriarchal/circular power, as an alternative to the triangular/patriarchal power of modern Western society.
I now find myself having a reliable tool box of strategies to ensure that I am working towards healthier, matriarchal dynamics in my marriage. This has involved specific tasks, also integrated with personal self-care rituals (meditation, nature connection, healthier eating, etc.) to ensure a holistic and four-dimensional approach to my evolution.
I would recommend Raqael to anyone. Her wisdom is evident the moment you speak with her. And the individual care and attention she will show you ensures that you will benefit from the wisdom she has to share.”

-Darius, water protector



Before starting these consultations, I had already realized I had some bad habits but hadn’t yet made the resolve to change them. I wasn’t sleeping well, felt a lack of direction, had no energy, and was walking around in a sort of melancholy fog. Conversation with Raqael helped me to build awareness and create a system of accountability, it helped to feel like someone was checking in on my progress. I appreciated the reference she made to traditions from all over the world, not just yoga and Ayurveda. I have noticed a clear benefit from the various practices Raqael recommended. When I follow the dietary recommendations, I can feel my digestion working better, and the addition of practices for morning and night to build my daily routine have helped my sleep and energy. I use my Ayurvedic tongue cleaner every day! Also working on my meditation has helped me to pause before making decisions and exercise better self control. I can hear my intuition better, I have more body awareness and more self discipline. The more I meditate, the better I am in every way, I have a clear sense of what I need and what I don’t need. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that knows that they could use some help in making lifestyle changes. It’s not easy and we often like just the things that aren’t good for us. Raqael helped me transition through those changes and everything seemed very customized to my needs and my day to day patterns.  Having various consults helped to adjust the approach, and I liked that I never felt judged or pushed to make one thing work. Raqael was able to adapt her recommendations or try something completely different, and she isn’t against baby steps, which I think is great. It’s the difference between doing something and doing nothing.

Shawn Lyons
Owner of Rabbit Movers

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